Irfan Melayu

irfan melayuIt is undeniable that Irfan Melayu is the key figure of Irfan Melayu LLP. Irfan started practising law as a criminal defence and civil attorney. He then found his office in 1998. Since then, public have recognised this alumnus of the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia and Leiden University (LL.M in International Business Law) as a prominent litigator and dispute settlement expert. His negotiation skill often produces out of the court settlements in many commercial litigation cases.

The very irony he learned as a litigator was that many companies did not anticipate potential dispute when drafting the contracts. “I need a strong contract to support my argument,” he argues. “However, most contract drafters are only dreaming about profit sharing and good faith. When it comes to a dispute, we need a firm grip and not a dream,” says Irfan. He then broadened his legal services to also cover corporate matters.  He maintains his membership in Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI), and he is also registered in Indonesian Securities and Exchange Commission (Bapepam).

Irfan believes that every lawyer must be able to find the specific of the client’s business. Every engagement is unique and special. Therefore, Irfan always positions the clients as the inseparable parts of his firm. Irfan says, “We have to think as the clients think, so we can understand their concerns and read their interests.”

Irfan himself is a unique person. “I see myself more as an artist than just a lawyer. Besides my interest in paintings, theatre, photography, film, and music, it is also because art influences me in seeing the world and doing my works.”

In Irfan point of view, the world of law itself is simile with art. “A true lawyer should be able to predict the future as a chess player calculating tens of possible movements of his chessmen. This is the art of thinking, carefulness, decision-making, and strategy determination.” Irfan explains, “Law is like the sea. A lawyer is a master that sail his ship, through the waves and corals to have the ship docked safely. All of them, of course, for the best interests of the clients.”